About SpoonFed Art
SpoonFed Art is the creation of artist Karin Collins, who fashions spoons into wearable art pendants by filling them with all things glittery, shiny and bright! The spoon pendants evolved out of Karin's collage work, which she started as a means of artistic therapy for an eating disorder. Over time, Karin's collages became more three-dimensional and eventually found their way into spoons, which provided the perfect canvas for her work.

SpoonFed Art pendants are unique and colorful, and will definitely get you noticed! They're eye catching but also echo the power of art to heal. They've been featured in a variety of publications, including Health Magazine, NYLON, and LA Weekly, and according to AOL Style, they're "staggeringly beautiful pendants with a soul."

SpoonFed Art supports NEDA, the National Eating Disorders Association. For information on eating disorders, please visit the NEDA website.


"Spoons, in fact, were the motif of the evening, with silver spoons arranged on the walls, as the night also celebrated the birthday of SpoonFed Art proprietor Karin Collins..."

"Using small stainless-steel spoons as her canvas, Collins creates a collage in the base of each utensil using everything from colored glass to tiny beads and dried flowers. Each SpoonFed Art necklace really is a mini work of art..."

"Collins launched her company, SpoonFed Art, and found herself increasingly busy, especially after a write-up in hipster bible Nylon. She started selling her pieces at Pull My Daisy and Silver Lake Shoes in Silver Lake, and in the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum shop. But more than being part of any trend, what really excites Collins is the notion that her story is somehow inspirational."

"Most people only think about spoons when they're about to, say, scarf down a bowl of Lucky Charms; Karin Collins sees them as bite-sized canvases for art. The L.A.-based designer hacks the handles off ordinary utensils and fills them with all things sticky, shiny, and bright to form kitschy, unexpectedly punky pendants... Wear one, and you're guaranteed to cause a few mouths to open."

"Everyone loves a little spooning. Now I've seen plenty of fork jewelry in my day, and even some spoon bracelets...but I've never seen spoon pendants like Karin Collins'. Cameos, glitter, sprinkles...you name it, and it's gone into one of Karin's spoon art casseroles. The spoon pendants are bright, they're even kitschy, but that's part of what makes them fun, and most definitely unique...be on the lookout for them!"

Los Angeles Hometown Hero
"It's been said that some of the greatest creative minds in the world have suffered some kind of tragedy to make them pursue their artistic endeavor to the ends of the earth. It's possible the same could be said about jewelry designer Karin Collins, founder of SpoonFed Art. Collins uses a unique technique to create her stunning pendants -- she hacks the handles off spoons and fills them with all things sticky, shiny and bright to create her works of art... staggeringly beautiful pendants with a soul."

"Los Angeles jewellery designer Karin Collins has created quite a buzz with her handmade necklaces made out of spoons. The hip necklaces, pendants, and accessories from SpoonFed Art fuse Pop Art materials and colours with cutlery"

"SpoonFed Art - Spoons are Stylish! The true sign of a fashionista is someone that sets themselves apart, and wears things that no one else has...and today, I'm bringing you one of the more unique items I've ever showcased. The name of the company is SpoonFed Art - and the product? Necklace pendants made using the ends of spoons! They're all handmade and one of a kind."

"When Karin picked up a spoon and started to turn it into a wearable pendant, she had no idea she was scooping up a cure for her eating disorder..."

"SpoonFed Art offers Karin's beautiful jewelry pieces, actually made from spoons minus the handle. Each has a unique design seemingly melted into the scoop of the spoon... Karin has definitely managed to create a magnificent piece of art and a stunning piece of jewelry from a simply spoon, a 'must have' in your collection of jewelry!"

"At first glance, the pendants Karin Collins makes are simply gorgeous. Rich, liquid colors combine with intricate details to form memorable accessories. Then, if you look a bit closer, you might notice that the pendants are made from spoons. Clever, no? And if you're lucky enough to get to talk with Collins for a moment, you might learn about her story; her triumph over an eating disorder, and all the history that makes her jewelry even more beautiful..."

"Intricate, colorful pendants... When you buy one of Collins' pendants you're not only treating yourself and supporting an independent artist, you're also contributing to a great cause...we may start seeing more spoons around the most fashionable necks."



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